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Airing now on Spiritual Awakens~ How do you untangle the chaos in your head?

            Listen in as I talk about my own personal discovery of the everyday tangles in our lives as well as the benefits of Meditative drawing. What I knew as doodling has a name and a purpose. Zentangles…Meditative drawing… try it out!! Listen in as I share my personal journey of untangling the chaotic thoughts in my own head. I will share my own process and experience of confronting my go and fear based voices that can at times run wild within my head. We all have our own hurdles and demons to overcome…it does Read more…

Does talking about sex make you uncomfortable?

Airing September 9th-14th on Spiritual Awakenings with Jackie Mihalchick Join me for a candid discussion on the otherwise taboo topic of sex.  I always talk about coming out of the Clairvoyant Closet…but, what about the sexual closet?  How many women embrace their sexuality?  How many men or women are following a blueprint of what sexual intimacy is, that is actually…outdated? It is time for you to look at what your views are, what it means to you, what you want.  It is time to rewrite the script!  Allowing ourselves to open up and share with our partners what it is we Read more…

A message from Aphrodite

LINK HAS BEEN FIXED (Thank you for your patience) Join me on Spiritual Awakenings as I talk about understanding and appreciating yourself! So many people are spending countless hours second guessing as well as underestimating their inner voice. I shares with you a message from Aphrodite as well as a personal message of how we need to learn to listen to the way we communicate with our self, as well as our children. DO you underestimate your intuition? Do you second guess the uniqueness that makes you who you are? I ask these questions and more. To listen now just Read more…

Listen in for tips on how to decode the messages from the animals that show up in our life

Are you aware of what the animals that keep showing up in your life are trying to tell you?  The Hawk plays a very symbolic roll in my life and I am very connected and appreciative of them, for me I understand what they represent.  This last week however; I had some unusual visitors that do not normally frequent my days.  I decided that it would be a perfect topic for my Radio Show this week on Spiritual Awakening. Listen in as I talk about the process I went though to decode the messages! Listen in here!    Starting July Read more…

Check out this weeks radio show- Talk to the Animals!

Talk to the Animals playing this week! Show airs Monday’s, Wednesday’s, and Friday’s this week! 10:00 am Pacific Time 11:00 am Mountain Time 12:00 Central Time Miss the show?  Located on the bottom of the page are my past shows on Sound Cloud.  

Past shows…on sound cloud check them out if you get a chance.

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Catch a replay of, The Psychic Combo Meal!

I had the honor of being one of a good friends guest on her radio show today and we talk about what is in our “Psychic Combo Meal”.  It was a fun look at the gifts we all have and how we use them in our everyday lives. SO if you missed it…Check it out – On Demand Join host Deborah Antich for the Traveling Psychic Supper Club Radio show!! Tonight Deborah is joined by  Jackie Mihalchick. Join us and listen in on the Psychic Conversation at

New Radio!

The new radio show airs tomorrow again!! Catch it every Mon-Wed-Friday at 10am Pacific time! Check it our here at PLV Radio click on Shoutcast to listen! If you miss it you can look it up on sound cloud the following week!!! Our first show is Michelle DesPres and I taking on the subject of learning to Decode the signs in your life. We welcome any comments and feedback on our bio page!  This includes any topics you would like us to discuss on an upcoming show.   Have a great week!!

Check out the new radio show~The traveling Psychic Supper Club

I was a guest on my good friend Deb’s new radio show!! The Traveling Psychic Supper Club Was so much fun!!  check it out on demand in the link below.  Find the title of the show and click on it to listen.  The show starts about 3 minutes in.  If you have the time…Tune in on Thursdays at 4 pm Mountain time, 5 pm Central time, and 6 pm Eastern.  She will be Hosting the show with many other guest talking about what it means to be psychic. Check it out here.