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Great Tips for a Quick Transition Into Your New Home

Living room

Article Written by: Brittany Fisher | Focus on these great tips for a quick and happy transition into your new home. Your new home is full of possibilities.  When you first move in, the emptiness (or house full of boxes) can feel a little overwhelming. This article has some great tips for a quick transition into your new home. The key is to take it one step at a time and focus on your top priorities. Start off with simple maintenance tasks, a good cleaning, and a plan for unpacking to make your new space start to feel like Read more…

The Cemetery.

I’ve noticed lately that I have become much more aware… I seem to have been able to find a sense of…inner calm. This inner calm has allowed me to shut out the loud shouts of self doubt brought on by all of the societal programing of which all of us have been subjected to in some form or other. Slowly… as I have begun this journey…I have been able to peeled away little by little the layers of conformity. The layers of doubt and mistrust that we are pressured into believing…to feel as thought we…fit in. I am finally able Read more…