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Your Intuitive Realtor is back!

Here it is November 17th 2016.  Our first official “snow’ of the season has fallen today and oddly enough I feel like the ice has finally melted.  It seems that I have had one of the longest bouts of writer’s block that I can ever remember.  The block is broken!   As many of you know I went back to work selling real estate.  I have been back at it going on 2 years now.  It has been a wonderful ride.  There is so much emotion involved on all sides of selling residential real estate. Combining my clairvoyant gifts with Read more…

Do you exercise your Fifth Chakra by voicing your Expectations?

I feel like it is time to talk about Expectations. It seems that no matter who I am talking to the subject of expectations comes up.  This one word seems so loaded.  As I write and talk I cannot help but wonder when expectations became a bad thing? Ok…maybe it is not a bad thing, but if can cause A LOT of frustration, disappointment, and down right sadness. How is it one word can do so much damage to our psyche? Let’s look at the word. ex·pec·ta·tion ˌekspekˈtāSHən/ noun plural noun: expectations 1. a strong feeling or belief that something will Read more…

Have you ever wanted to ask a psychic a question?

      You know, test it… see if they had the magic answer?  The truth is there are no magic answers.  What there is, is plenty of guidance, enlightenment and often validation. So often the idea of getting a “reading” from a psychic stays an idea.  Look at the list of common reasons and see if any of these resonates with you: Fear Of having your mind read Seeing your inner most secrets Losing control Being manipulated Told scary news Being exposed What others might think if they new Feeling foolish Money- what if you spend all that money Read more…

Lets run some energy!

Past shows…on sound cloud check them out if you get a chance.

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Change and growth can feel like a resistance band.

Here we are… the month of…September.  Soon the leaves will be changing and starting to fall. The air will turn crisp and cool, the days shorter and the nights longer.  All to often we welcome Fall as a reprieve from the heat of a long summer. This year however; I find myself looking forward… to hibernation.  I feel like I have grown so much this year…yet at the same time, I have felt a lot of personal exposure and resistance.  It has left me feeling a bit like a resistance band (the kind you exercise with).  I grow in legnth…stretch my horizons to see and do Read more…

So you see the signs…now what?

Good question right? I have to laugh because I have been asking as well…for signs, for guidance, for help in making the right decisions in my own life.   In many of my posts I have beat around the bush and spoke metaphorically over and over again.  I have written about the importance of being open to see the signs and messages we are given from spirit.  I have encouraged you (as well as myself) along the way to being open in how the answers or message may appear. But then what?  Is there a magical formula for processing the information we get? Sadly Read more…

Join me while I run some energy.

Check out the new radio show~The traveling Psychic Supper Club

I was a guest on my good friend Deb’s new radio show!! The Traveling Psychic Supper Club Was so much fun!!  check it out on demand in the link below.  Find the title of the show and click on it to listen.  The show starts about 3 minutes in.  If you have the time…Tune in on Thursdays at 4 pm Mountain time, 5 pm Central time, and 6 pm Eastern.  She will be Hosting the show with many other guest talking about what it means to be psychic. Check it out here.  

Time to create that space that allows you to release and reset for the new tomorrow.

A Sanctuary, a message I keep receiving is that we all need to be creating a space that provides silence to allow ourselves to heal. This space could be inside or outside of your home or just within your heart in meditation. The place is really irrelevant actually, what is important is creating this sacred sanctuary space now.    Definition of Sanctuary provided by Wikipedia “A sanctuary, in its original meaning, is a sacred place, such as a shrine,  By the use of such places as a safe haven, by extension the term has come to be used for any place of safety. This secondary Read more…