About Jackie Mihalchick, Intuitive Realtor

Jackie Mihalchick, Realtor and Intuitive:

Jackie Mihalchick is  a mother, a wife, a writer, and your Intuitive Realtor. She lives in Loveland Colorado, and works all along the Front Range.  Jackie I really many things all rolled up in an amazing package!


  • All the careers and jobs that she has had, have all revolved around people.
  • She started out working in Retail (customer service).
  • After High School She went to school for Cosmetology and worked in the beauty industry.
  • Her next career was in Real Estate (1995-2000 then started back up 2015), She loved helping others find their “home”.
  • When her children were young she took some time to stay home and be with them. During that time She found that the best version of herself was when she was participating in something and helping others. she ended up volunteering in their schools, was a room mom, and then served multiple roles on the Parent Committee including President.
  • When she decided to go back to work, she chose a job with a “set” schedule and went into the banking field and stayed there for 11 years.
  • During that time she spent many hours volunteering with Junior Achievement and Larimer County United Way.
  • When her children were grown, she found her self thinking again about Real Estate. She came back into the Real Estate industry in 2015 and LOVE being back.
  • She has since started a Personal Development Coaching business as well. Whether you are in Real Estate or the Real Estate Industry she loves helping others see and be the best version of them selves.

I am so excited to be working again as a Realtor. This is where my heart feels at home, helping others define theirs.  I believe that being an Intuitive, helps me understand that a home is more than a structure. The places we call home come from the energy, feelings, and experiences we create there, not the walls that surround us“.

Intuitive Realtor

I chose the tag line of Intuitive Realtor, because I think it best describe the whole of me.

I have been clairvoyant/ Intuitive all my life, I may not have been aware of my clairvoyance my whole lifetime…but its always been there.  I always like to compare it to a muscle.  We are all born with muscles, right?  But we all don’t end up being body builders do we? No, a body builder spends time working out, strengthening their muscles, growing them. When you don’t work or use a muscle it atrophies, it is the same with our Intuitive muscle.  It takes practice to strengthen our abilities, and in time we are able to become much more aware and connected to spirit.  I am psychic / clairvoyant / intuitive, what ever the label… but so are you!

Some of my favorite pastimes are:

  • going on Motorcycle rides with my husband
  • meditating
  • walking
  • reading
  • exploring the gifts of nature!

Contact Jackie

Call or Text: 970-396-2288
Email: sellwithjackie@gmail.com

I look forward to connection with you!

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