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What Train are you on?

  I was asked the other day a question that caused me to pause for a moment. The question was; What is it that you do? Normally when we are asked this question we can rattle off whatever job description we have or a description that correlates to our job title. For me however it was one of those things that made me pause and ask myself..what is it that I do? Here it is the first of December already, this amazing year nearly complete .  For many of us our thoughts are focused on the Holiday’s the Season is in Read more…

Check out the Everyday Psychic Conference Website!

REGISTER EARLY FOR GREAT  DISCOUNTS AT EVENTBRITE So fare we have: Picked the DATE! Sunday November 17th , 2013 Picked the LOCATION Pulliam Community Building 545 Cleveland Ave., Loveland, Colorado 80537 Created a WEBSITE for the event New TIME 9:00 a.m. – 4:00 p.m. 3 New speakers! NEW—Coach Brandi Nelson NEW—-Carol Quinn NEW—-Kerrie Lapoehn Michelle DesPres  And myself- Jackie Mihalchick Lots of new information!! Registration set up on EVENTBRITE Sign up here!

Our Second Everyday Psychic Conference is November 17th!!

We have NEW Topics, NEW Location, FRESH perspectives, SHORTER format, MORE space!! DON’T THINK YOU’RE PSYCHIC? Join us and see how wrong you are!!!   We will be discussing many different modalities as well as what it means to be “Psychic” in todays world.  Join Jackie Mihalchick, Michelle DesPres, Coach Brandi Nelson, Carol Quinn and Kerrie Lapoehn as they share with you their insight and experience on the following topics! The benefits of writing & how it can help you tap into your psychic knowledge How you can create true sustain-ability with past life understanding How by combining the use of a variety of modality’s Read more…